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Hora de comer

Benefits for the hotel

Brand value

Building and increasing brand

value. Co-branding and -marketing opportunities with LUSH.


Ability to search and create partnerships.

Industry discounts

Discounts to industry products and services.

Increase credibility

Ability to use the LUSH certification as sustainable luxury hotel authentication for both, consumers and travel advisors

FREE marketing services

Access and enjoy numerous free digital marketing services. Even, full marketing outsourcing to specialists, also available.


Be a part of the LUSH leading by example.

Together we make the change®.

What Our Members Say

Pamala Baldwin-LUSHIA.jpg

Pamala Baldwin, founder at Yin-Yan Reserves & Residences

"Taking part by joining LUSH is a mandatory pre-requisite as the IMPACT MOVEMENT is happening NOW. This is not the time to ‘wait and see’ as a spectator. At LUSH and Yin-Yan  we envisage an alternative, more collaborative pressure for change"

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