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4 Steps to your LUSH Certification


Register your details for Membership


Receive and pay Membership invoice


Complete LUSH accreditation process to achieve and obtain the Silver Accreditation level.


Complete assesment by an external licenced company. You'll receive the LUSH Certification

LUSH Certifications

Move to a higher level. After becoming a LUSH member, show your specialization and efforts towards luxury and sustainability with facts. Everyday LUSH members are coming up with new ways to save resources and improve their hotels for guests, staff and the local community. Join us and upgrade your business.

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When applying through a certification company and then verifying with LUSH Association or GSTC, it is critical to understand the difference between the terms certification and accreditation.


ONLINE ACCREDITATION: It is conducted directly by LUSH association experts. Final document will be signed by LUSH association president and auditor.

CERTIFICATION: It is conducted by a “third-party assessment”, run by an external licenced company like EcoHotelProjects. Your business will receive the Official Certificate of LUSH Association on Sustainability, signed by Mr. Hector De Castro, President at LUSH Association, and the external Audit company.

How to become a LUSH licenced company

Being an approved certifying company by LUSH association requires to have succesfuly passed a due diligence and training to achieve the LUSH Licenced Partner stamp. This stamp is a mark of quality to external certification or audit companies who wish to be approved by LUSH association, and a guarantee of quality for audited companies.

By means of this licencing process, LUSH association verifies the third-party’s ability to properly certify your business according to LUSH Standards. 

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In order to build the highest level of transparency,
LUSH association does not certify your company.
Certifying is direct assignment to licenced audit companies.


by LUSH association

Get your ACCREDITATION via online. It is a more basic level to check sustainability KPIs. Getting this Accreditation demands either:

a) taking an online assesment, or

b) interviewing the managing and technical team, visiting facilities, technical documents, and a check list according to 

  • GSTC - Global Sustainable Tourism Criteria

  • LUSH - Luxury Sustainable Hotels International Association Standards

It is valid for 2 years and developed by experts from the LUSH association.

by licenced audit companies

Get your PLATINUM CERTIFICATION. It is an advanced Audit with 53 criteria divided in groups and supported by over 300 compliance indicators following a rounded check-list according to:

  • GSTC - Global Sustainable Tourism Criteria

  • Global Partnership for Sustainable Tourism Criteria (STC Partnership)

  • Baseline Criteria of the Sustainable Tourism Certification Network of the Americas

  • Agenda 21

  • ISO 9001 / 14001 / 19011

  • LUSH - Luxury Sustainable Hotels International Association Standards

This assesment is conducted by an external licenced company which will check and secure the above criteria.

Your company will finally get the PLATINUM CERTIFICATION on SUSTAINABILITY signed by LUSH, the Luxury Sustainable Hotels International Association and the audit company.

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