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The LUSH International Association is a premier source
for sustainable hospitality expertise and counsel, represented by
some of the most respected professionals from across six continents.

A LUSH consultant will be a highly valuable asset for any hospitality business willing to promote or develop a strong sustainable profile. Our LUSH consultants will work with you from the initial analysis and pre-planning stages through to project delivery, to deliver commercial outcomes that support and sustain your business.

Finding the right consultant is not a secret to success – but it is an accelerator and a safety card. 

What is a LUSH consultant?
  • A consultant is a seasoned professional who informally helps businesses in their professional endeavors.

  • An experienced and proven consultant in your industry who holds your same values.

When LUSH consultants are happy to offer mentorship and advice to other members, they will turn on their mentor badge, which will appear on their profile.

And if you look for a LUSH consultant, how does it work?

Want to become a LUSH consultant?

Fill up the form below and we will contact you in 24h



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Thanks a lot for reaching us


Search for members with a  with a consultantr badge in their profile, that will mean that they are currently open to being contacted.


Simply login, go to their profile and send a message.

a LUSH consultant

  • You must have an active membership with the Luxury Sustainable Hotels International Assn.

  • Simply login, go to your profile and change your consultant status to active.

  • You will now be able to receive messages from other members.

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