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Approved vendors

LUSH Approved Vendors are all Brand Partners of the Luxury Sustainable Hotels International Association. We ask all prospective Brand Partners to send us information on their green products or services to be reviewed by our executive. You can provide us links to the website you'd like us to check or sending us any pdf file. We will assess what you send, and, if it fits within the association´s values and mission, we will respond with an invitation to join. 

We would be very pleased to have your sustainable products or services join the Luxury Sustainable Hotels Intern'l Assn. We want LUSH Approved Vendors to have an environmental webpage explaining why the product or service they are marketing is sustainable and green. We provide LUSH mambers a list of approved vendors and make sire that they all meet the requirements of the association to protect environment and communities. We also give our best support so that all LUSH members are able to find the green products or services they are needing in a fast, secure and reliable manner, knowing that they will be protecting communities and the environment.

We look forward to having your company join our elite of approved sustainable vendors working to provide sustainable and green products and services to hoteliers interested in protecting our environment and communities. 

Want to become a LUSH Approved Vendor?

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