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The LUSH helps you to connect with members who are leaders in the industry 

The LUSH mentorship program

A mentor can be a very valuable asset, especially for young proffesionals, aspiring entrepreneurs, and those new to the industry. 

Finding the right mentor is essential and a great accelerator for success. Learning from someone older, wiser and more experienced is an invaluable business opportunity

​What is a mentor?
  • A mentor is a seasoned professional who informally helps guide a lesser experienced person in their professional endeavors.

  • A mentorship is mutually beneficial for the mentor and mentee.

  • Find an experienced mentor in your network and industry that holds your same values.

When LUSH members have time available to offer mentorship and advice to other members, they will turn on their mentor badge, which will appear on their profile.

How does it work?


Search for members with a  with a mentor badge in their profile, that will mean that they are currently open to being contacted.


Simply login, go to their profile and send a message.

a LUSH mentor

  • You must have an active membership with the Luxury Sustainable Hotels International.

  • Simply login, go to your profile and change your mentor status to active.

  • You will now be able to receive messages from other members.

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