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The LUSH organizational chart

The Luxury Sustainability Hotels International Association (LUSH) operations are governed by:

  • Meeting of shareholders;

  • Supervisory Board: Presidency, Corporate VP and advisors

  • Executive Board (Board of Directors).

The shareholders exercise the right to participate in the Association’s management by means of meeting of shareholders. The competence of the meeting of shareholders includes approval of the annual report, decision-making on the use of the profits, the issuance and conversion of the securities, amending the Articles of Association, increasing or reducing equity capital, the election and recall of members of the council, the auditors, the company controllers and liquidators as well as other important issues related to the company operations.

Supervisory Board form the supervisory governing body, which represents the interests of stockholders during the time periods between the meetings of stockholders. In accordance with the Articles of LUSH, the Supervisory Board of the Company consists of two members, and the Supervisory Board is elected for a period which is not longer than three years. The main tasks of the Supervisory Board are to supervise the activities of the Executive Board of LUSH and to elect and recall members of the Executive Board. The LUSH Supervisory Board consists of leading industry professionals who ensure the objective and impartial supervision over activities of the Executive Board and provide independent and professional comments, criticisms, and advices.

LUSH´ operation is organized and managed by the Executive Board. In accordance with the Articles of Association, the Executive Board Presidency and General Secretary. The Executive Board of the Company consists of highly qualified specialists who, in addition to their duties of the members of the Executive Board, provide supervision over activities of the departments.

LUSH-organizational chart-2022.jpg
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