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Sustainability Policy

Improving our sustainability is important to us at LUSH.
Across our activities we have made and will continue to make significant improvements.

   Here's how we're doing our bit in saving the planet at LUSH   


Being green is important to us at LUSH association - we understand that for us to have a bright future, our planet needs to have one too. Here’s how we’re adapting our energy consumption, facilities and delivery operations as well as bringing about eco-friendly initiatives in our projects, marketing and other activities.

Image by Edvin Johansson
Instalación de paneles solares


We’re focused on finding ways to conserve our energy usage, here’s what we have been up to:

  1. Focused on ISO 14001 Environmental Standards since 2021

  2. FOcused on ISO 50001 Energy Standard since 2021- Independently showing our focus on continuous improvement of our environment performance.

  3. Our solar panels provide up to 25% of our head office energy.

  4. 80% of our head office and warehouses lighting is controlled by sensor-based LEDs.

  5. Only low-energy appliances are used in our building.


Here’s how we are delivering our goods and services to our member's facilities and to you directly in ways that are efficient and friendly to the environment:

  1. We have upgraded our IT systems and moved to Microsoft Office 365 to enable our office-based workforce to have 100% home office work. 

  2. We’ve also facilitated above 1.000 virtual meetings through Zoom and Microsoft Teams, which would otherwise have been face-to-face meetings involving some form of domestic or international travel.

Taller en línea


We are changing the way we carry out our marketing activities without compromising on our high customer experience standards. Here’s how:

  1. From January 2021 we ceased using all plastic on all marketing materials with a commitment that we would not send any plastic marketing materials to our members or partners going forwards.

  2. All paper marketing materials, including our presentation cards, are made from sustainable sources or materials approved by the FSC or PEFC.

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